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Chelsea Newman is an outspoken woman in her 20s. After recieving a DUI in the pilot, she decides its time to change her life around. She is based off of a Chelsea Handler in her 20s. She is portrayed by Laura Prepon.


Chelsea is outspoken, wild, and rebellious. As seen in the pilot, she drinks a lot of alcohol (presumably Vodka), and has done a lot of things, including driving, drunk. She seems to have casual sex a lot. She didn't know about redheads up until the first episode. She was originally going to date Rick, but they opted not to when they realized that they both like to be on top when having sex.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In "Pilot", Chelsea decides to change her life around after she receives a DUI. She starts by moving into an apartment with a woman named Dee Dee along with her best friend since gradeschool named Olivia. Later, she goes on a date with a guy, and they proceed to have sex, but Sloane, her older sister who was 39 weeks pregnant, went into labor. In the end, she gets there, see her niece Sylvia be born. In the ending credits, the woman who she kissed in prison to save herself gets released and sees Chelsea at the bar, bringing Chelsea to hide.

In "Sloane's Ex", Chelsea goes on a date with Sloane's high school ex named Matt.

In "Believe", after spending time with one of Sloane's church band members, she tries to set him up with Dee Dee.